Weekly Portion

Acharei Mot – Kedoshim

The Portions of Acharei Mot and Kedoshim continue the topics of spiritual impurity and spiritual purity that were discussed in last week’s double portion. Throughout Acharei Mot, we are given many rules regarding specific actions such as offerings in the temple, rules of Yom Kippur, and lastly rules regarding sexual prohibitions. The entire portion is focusing on this theme.

This is a very important and powerful Shabbat.
It says in the Zohar, Rabbi Abba taught about Kedoshim, that it is inclusive of all of the Light of the Torah! It is compared to the seal of truth. Meaning all truth in this world comes from this Portion. In these readings, supernal secrets of the Torah are renewed. When the friends, the students of Rabbi
Shimon bar Yochai come to this Shabbat they were filled with joy. In no other Shabbat of the year does the Zohar tell us this.

Acharei Mot reminds us of the death of the 2 sons of Aaron. We know that their souls were very high and therefore we read this portion in Yom Kippur as it helps us to cleanse negativity, and elevate our consciousness above all forms of negative connections and reactive consciousness.

In the portion of Kedoshim we are infused with all the rules of human dignity and humanitarian behavior. There is also the promise that exists that we will also be holy people, meaning completely connected to the light, since the same light is within us.

We are also reminded of the seed of the entire Torah. “Love thy neighbor as thy self.”



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